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Glade Gel Floral Perfection Air Freshener 70 g

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Glade Gel Floral Perfection Air Freshener is a decorative air freshener which can be kept at any corner of the house to get rid of foul smells lurking in the house. The unique formulation of this air freshener gel slowly evaporates and fills your house with fresh and perfect floral fragrance. The fresh floral fragrance will overpower any bad odours in your house to give you a fresh feel for the whole day. Adjustable holder helps in deciding the strength of the fragrance. This is a fast and refreshing way of filling your home with ultimate and perfect floral fragrance.

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Samuel Curtis Johnson started the SC Johnson company 129 years ago in Wisconsin, America. It is a family business running from five generations. The company which initially manufactured and sold floor wax, today boasts of multiple portfolio namely home caring, air care, pest control, home storage and auto care. Some of the brands under them are All Out, Baygon, Drano, Grandprix, Kiwi etc. 'Glade' is a home fragrance brand of S C Johnson Group.

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